About us

After almost 5 years of work as an informal collective, on October 26, 2020, VERDEJAR D’AJUDA, a non-profit, socio-environmental association was registered.
Formed by a group of neighbors concerned about the speed of unplanned urban growth, all of them from different origins and professions, but with a common motivation: LOVE for NATURE and the understanding that its recovery is one of the most obvious and viable solutions to the current climate and socio-economic crisis.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to value, conserve and recover ecosystems.
  • We achieve this by planting and promoting an innovative socio-environmental education that creates participatory and critical awareness. We also facilitate networking for the development of creative solutions that empower local communities to participate in public decisions on social and environmental issues
  • We encourage the participation of residents!

Our vision

Our vision is to plant 1 million seedlings, sowing a new socio-environmental awareness and honoring the commitment to present and future generations.

Our values





Social inclusion

Social and environmental responsibility





Ancestral Peoples

Conscious consumption

Scientific basis