And there’s a lot to plant and do!

Thanks to the volunteer work of associates and residents we have created a craft nursery, organized task forces, are developing several projects – some of them already in execution – we have already planted more than 1,000 seedlings and donated many more!

You can also participate!
There are many ways:

Donate your time

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Dr. Jane Goodall

We always need one more hand. Stay on top of volunteer opportunities!
Join the WhatsApp group of Verdejar supporters where communication is more dynamic.

Get involved in meetings and events

Find upcoming volunteer opportunities and events to get involved. We regularly carry out actions and tasks, as well as events to raise funds for our projects.
And every Friday morning (or afternoons during summer), we are in the Central Park of Arraial d’Ajuda for care and planting of seedlings. Don’t hesitate to show up, all help is welcome!

Sign and share petitions

See petitions against deforestation and for the conservation and recovery of the Atlantic Forest of our region, launched by the Socioenvironmental Association Verdejar d’Ajuda or by partners and friends.
Together we are stronger!

Your support is what keeps us going

Easily give via our Pix Key:

Stay on top of it

Learn the latest news from the Association on our blog.