Find here the products sold by the Verdejar d’Ajuda Association.
The benefit supports the costs and projects of the association

Third edition of T-shirts !

These beautiful T-shirts were a super generous donation from Studio Twenty7 Ltd, an English graphic design company, which was touched by our cause and donated the production cost of 100 t-shirts and 100 ecobags, allocating the entire benefit to the association!

Two models available for sale:

White with Verdejar’s logo centered and
White with sleeves and neck in green and logo on the side of the T-Shirts

T-shirts 100% Cotton.

Value of each BRL 60,00

Ecobags in cotton 30x40cm

Value of each BRL 30,00

🌳 By purchasing a seedling from the Associaçao Verdejar d’Ajuda nursery, you will be contributing to the sustainability of our nursery, so important for the continuity of the WOODLAND project.

🌿 Contact Marcos, the nursery coordinator, by tel / whatsapp 73 98835-8722 and combine the payment method and withdrawal of the seedlings.

🌱 All money raised is reinvested in the maintenance of the nursery.