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Welcome to Associação Socioambiental Verdejar d’Ajuda!

We’re so glad you made the decision to join us! Our city and our planet thank you!

Why join Associação Verdejar d’Ajuda? 

We are the only socio-environmental organization in Arraial d’Ajuda with projects aimed at environmental preservation and education. Natural beauty, biodiversity and quality of life are our greatest tourist attractions and our most precious assets, essential for our individual and collective health and well-being, which have been threatened by accelerated deforestation, lack of urban planning, and real estate speculation. . By being a member you will be able to actively contribute and be the agent of change you want to see in the world.

In addition, being a member you will be able to:
a) participate in the activities of the association;
b) take part in general meetings with equal voting rights;
c) vote and run for office;
d) have a membership card to participate in the future discount club in establishments (restaurants, stores, car rentals, sightseeing tours…) in restaurants, gifts, tourist tours.

To join:

  1. Fill and send the following form :
    Registration form – Verdejar d’Ajuda Membership
  2. Make your monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual contribution.
    We suggest the following payment methods:

Our deep thanks to all those who were touched by this call and decided to take the next step and actively take care of this wonderful place and our beautiful planet! Together we are much stronger!

SignedAntonella Yllana

(President of Associação Verdejar d’Ajuda)