Membership Form – Association Verdejar d’Ajuda

I hereby request my registration with the ASSOCIAÇÃO SOCIOAMBIENTAL VERDEJAR D’AJUDA, CNPJ nº 40.125.958/0001-23, located at the address: Estrada Arraial d’Ajuda/Trancoso, nº 1260,

By signing this instrument, I declare that I am aware of the entire content of the association statutes, as well as the rights and duties imposed on the members of this institution.

Finally, I undertake to honor, up to date, all the pecuniary installments owed by me to this institution, according to the chosen plan, under penalty of fair termination of the association:

  • MONTHLY PLAN: 12 fees of R$ 20.00 (twenty reais) to be paid until the 15th of each month.
  • SEMI-ANNUAL PLAN: 2 fees of BRL 120.00 (one hundred and twenty reais), the first to be paid on the date of membership and the second six months after that date.
  • ANNUAL PLAN: one-time fee in the amount of BRL 240.00 (two hundred and forty reais) to be paid on the date of joining.
  • OTHER (to be specified)

Note:  I declare that I agree with the annual adjustment on these values ​​according to the IPCA index (national consumer price index)