The first step

It was a difficult year. According to news published repeatedly by the national press, we have seen the highest rate of deforestation in the last ten years at the same time that environmental enforcement has been drastically reduced. There were invasions of indigenous reserves which resulted in many deaths, in addition to numerous records of illegal mining contaminating the rivers. Diseases proliferated among indigenous peoples and the science and technology budget was drastically reduced. We have experienced a growing environmental, economic and social disaster on a large and small scale. Even for those who don’t follow the news, just look out the window or walk around the city itself to see that nature is constantly and systematically being destroyed right before our eyes.

Faced with such a scenario, it is difficult to have hope. On the other hand, how can you not? Hope is what we have left. That’s why today it’s increasingly important that we unite our individual hopes, form a global community and fight together for change. After all, we are responsible for our planet and for generations to come. What do we want to leave for our children? How do we want to be remembered? What kind of seeds are we planting today and what fruits will our descendants reap? These are questions that every minimally conscious adult has to ask themselves today and that make inaction impossible. Action is urgent and it is also the greatest good we can do for those who will succeed us.

Fortunately, there are people waking up to this all over the world. Any informed person knows that the probability of a single human being existing is slim to none. To this day, it is not known of other inhabited planets close to ours. For us to exist, numerous conditions are necessary. The livelihoods of a community of more than seven billion human beings, which is constantly and exponentially growing, requires a comprehensive and in-depth review of livelihood strategies. The current pandemic has made that very clear to all of us. Just do not see who does not want. This is our great individual and collective task for the coming years, and the future of our species depends on it. The good news is that it’s not that difficult. Just look around, go out to those who are aware of it, join with them, and start helping even a little. If everyone does this, things will quickly start to happen.

Therefore, in this new year that begins, let us offer ourselves the resolution to begin to change. There’s no need to wait until we can do something impactful, after all, every great journey starts with the first step. We invite all of you to contact us and find out how you can help. In this historic moment of a civilization on the verge of collapse and extinction, the most revolutionary act and the best gift we can give ourselves and our families is to take care of our dear home, after all, those who love, take care. Together we take care of each other much better and we are much stronger. Remembering the words of the great educator and philosopher Paulo Freire: “Love is an act of courage”. Let’s love, then.

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