Meeting at the Environmental Council in Porto Seguro

Summary of the 27/03/2024 meeting at the Environmental Council in Porto Seguro

In consideration of the petition that is still circulating, with a request for a public hearing to explain the total suppression of vegetation that have been occurring in Arraial d’Ajuda and which reflect a municipal situation, as well as the irregular constructions that continue, the Verdejar d’Ajuda Association, through its participation in the Environment Council, asked for the topic to be included on the agenda. The Request was supported by ICMBio and Coral Vivo. In addition to these entities and other councilors, several supporters were also present at the meeting, who came exclusively to listen to the responsible sectors of the city hall.

The directions decided at the meeting are:

  • Transparency: that the Department of the Environment provides in writing the Terms of Conduct Adjustment – if any – for 3 lots on Rua da Mata, in Bairro Novo Arraial, which recently had their vegetation completely removed, the fines applied – if any -, the use given to these resources. Copy of legislation that supports the total suppression of vegetation, if any.
  • Society Participation: Explanations on the chosen compensation method and its result on the well-being of residents and the preservation of the Atlantic Forest, explanations about the difficulty of inspection in acting in a timely manner, with solutions and proposals. Formation of a Working Group to draft more effective legislation for our type of demand, in order to protect the well-being of the population and a healthy environment.
  • Precaution: that, a fourth batch, of thousand square meters on the side, completely covered by vegetation, be careful so that the same does not happen.
  • Revocation of the construction permit that authorizes construction on 70% of the land located in an area with a maximum forecast of 30% of waterproofing of the soil, therefore, against the current Law.
  • That a new construction permit be granted in accordance with the legislation.
  • Transversality between Departments of Environment and Urban Development . Better training for employees, so that they can support their criteria with better knowledge of the legislation.

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