To celebrate what?

One year ago we made our first demonstration against the exaggerated deforestation and disregard for the environment here in Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, a manifestation that extended to Trancoso, Caraíva and Corumbao causing an interesting wave under the tag #chegadedesmatamentonacostadodescobrimento. (stopdeforestationonthediscoverycoast)

It was a small act, consciously made with love and care for the land where we live. We created a petition that gathered more than 6000 signatures and that will be delivered this week to the relevant secretariats of the Porto Seguro City Hall.

A year later, many things have happened, more trees have been planted (many more have been cut down), the nursery is becoming more professional every day, more than 1000 seedlings were germinated in this first semester and we hope to have at least doubled by the end of the current year (2022). The association is firm and since june it is open to new members. Our mission continues and despite the difficulties, Verdejar proceeds.

This Friday June 3rd, the Secretary for the Environment of the city of Porto Seguro and the Association Verdejar d’Ajuda will hold an event at the Central Park in Arraial to raise awareness of the environmental cause with tree planting, concerts, educational activities and workshops “celebrating” World Environment Day. I put quotation marks because we all know that there is not much to celebrate, still, the good intentions of the Secretariat and the approach that Verdejar has had with it and the Environment Council are indeed reasons to celebrate.

Joining the forces and best intentions of the first, second and third sectors* with intelligence, a visionary approach and investment is the best way to transform our place (and the world) into a sustainable territory and carry out our mission: to plant a million trees, educating, raising awareness of our community and preserving what we have left.

Unhurried. Unpaused.

Come on friends! Join us in this green current! With your support all together will make it happen!

Pure life! Long life Verdejar d’Ajuda!

*First, second and third sectors:

  • the business private sector – which is ‘privately’ owned and profit motivated;
  • the public sector – owned by the state;
  • the social economy, or third sector, including a wide range of community, voluntary and not-for-profit activities.

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