Media Project: Moving between knowledge and experiences


Our meeting yesterday at the house of Regis Bailux, Helena Cassal Longo and Pedro Regis : Connections between networks.

Following Erica Munaro’s guidelines, we held a participatory planning workshop for a first project within the communication program of Associação Verdejar d’Ajuda. Initially, a presentation was made by the group: Caio Turbay, Erica Munaro, Antonella Zara, Regis Bailux, Andwara Pataxó, Helena Cassal Longo, Juliana Queiroz. followed by a shower of ideas that led us to define the why and the objective of the Media Project: Awakening socio-environmental awareness by redefining the sociocultural paradigm of the community of Arraial d’Ajuda and the communities in its surroundings with Educommunication tools. It was decided to hold weekly meetings to structure the project in actions of immersion in the territory for an active listening to the different specificities of each social group involved. A new meeting has been decided for next Saturday, February 1, 2020.