Media Project: Awakening socio-environmental awareness

We held the second participatory planning workshop of Projeto Midia, which is part of the communication program of the Verdejar d’Ajuda association. The project’s objective is to awaken socio-environmental awareness, giving new meaning to the socio-cultural paradigm of the Arraial d’Ajuda community and its surroundings. The project will provide opportunities for the appropriation of free analog and digital technologies, promoting belonging and protagonism in the production of content with Educommunication tools. Our facilitator in the planning workshops, Erica Munaro, led the group to build activities and results that contemplate the participation and belonging of the community in the elaboration of the activities of the Mídia Project as a space for the production of content that reflects and resignifies the cultural specificities of the different groups. territory. As a first activity, we will make a sensitive mapping of neighborhood leaders and activist protagonists in the community of Arraial d’Ajuda and its surroundings and activists connected in the Internet from digital to analog, developing Media workshops in free software connecting technology with appropriation and protagonism Social. The suggestions for activities in digital media were: Podcast, documentary, radio, blog, websites. Analog media: signs, totems, posters, folders, newspaper. The Bailux Station is consolidating a telematics station to connect projects from our local trust network with a virtual trust network following the methodologies of participatory planning and that are within the programs of the Associação Verdejar d’Ajuda having our mission as the guiding axis of the actions, vision and values.

Photos: Cristina Alves Branco