2020: Programs and projects

Yesterday Saturday, February 15th, at the meeting of Verdejar d’ Ajuda members, we talked about the closing of the association’s registration in these next 15 days.
With the consolidated record, we will effectively start the progress of all our projects within our programs:

  • Programa de Educação Inovadora
  • Programa de Parcerias institucionais
  • Programa de Sustentabilidade e Renda
  • Programa de Infraestrutura
  • Programa de Manejo Ambiental
  • Programa de Comunicação.

In this meeting, we prioritize: Finalizing the association’s registration and a collective mobilization for the sustainability and income program with the creation of activities for a collective financing of the environmental management project “Bosque Nasce um Bosque”. For our communication program with the Media Project, we agree that we will work with the program of institutional partnerships (associations and universities and others) of the territory and all adhesions built by the Web. We agree that the meeting with the CRAS Management Group is being scheduled( Social Assistance Reference Center) has a strong symbolic appeal for the first meeting of visibility of our group in the communities and synchronously the viability of our target audience for Educommunication projects.
We decided to hold a next meeting focused on the sustainability and income program and all projects that could be included in this program.