1st Anniversary of the Association

Congratulations with immense love and gratitude to Verdejar d’Ajuda Socio-environmental Association for its first year as an association! Result of 5 years of perseverance, love and commitment as a collective!

Congratulations for the noble mission of volunteering to plant not only trees, fundamental beings for life and quality of life anywhere, but for promoting socio-environmental awareness and inclusion in our community!

We wish everyone who is directly or indirectly part of this movement infinite blessings and inspiration so that together we can sprout, grow and flourish in our territory, our hearts, our lives. Without the help of each of you, nothing would be the same.

And may many more join us in this mission of planting one million trees in our territory and expanding social and environmental awareness! Together we are Stronger!

Thank you Verdejar! Happy Birthday to you!

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all of us!

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